Szkolna Street 14
95-054 Ksawerów
NIP: 731 140 34 07
phone/fax.: +48 42 213 87 23
e-mail: export@janmarsport.pl

Sport and functional fabrics

Janmar Sport was established in 1971. Our extensive experience in the production of sportswear fabrics makes us a leader in the activewear fabrics marker. We only use top quality yarns such as Coolmax, Thermolite and Meryl. For many years we have been the supplier of choice for many well-known sport fashion brands.

Beyond our specialisation we also provide various fabrics designed for

  • printing, including transfer printing
  • easy dying
  • leggings
  • special fabrics for protective wear, including high silver ion compound
  • fabrics meeting EN-471 requirements

Lodz - Fabrics

The creation of Lodz is inseparably connected with textile production. Numerous fabric and knitwear manufacturers can be found in this region. Janmar Sport is a leading supplier among them, especially in the field of sports, fitness and tourism products.


Volleyball creates special requirements for fabrics used for activeware manufacturing. Fabrics must be durable, resistant to abrasion and provide comfort to players.


Janmar Sport

Szkolna 14
95-054 Ksawerów
NIP: 731 140 34 07

ph./fax: +48 42 213 87 23

Sales manager

Anna Rybak:
(+48) 506 280 853
e-mail: export@janmarsport.pl

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